A Trip to the Hardware Store: Part III

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A Trip To The Hardware Store: Part III

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“How exactly is this supposed to guarantee that we never have to worry about running boring man-type errands again?” Zoe had to ask as she parked the car in front of what she liked to deem, “One of those stores from hell put here on earth just to torment women and bore them to death.”

Haley rolled her eyes and shook her head as though it really should be more than obvious why they were there. “This is the ultimate insult to men,” Haley announced with a self-satisfied sigh as Zoe just sat there, blinking at the blue and white sign, wondering if her best friend had finally gone nuts.

Well, it was possible since she’d been under Jason’s influence for probably longer than was probably healthy. She loved Jason. Don’t get her wrong. He was very supportive of her. He was sweet and he treated her like a kid sister and she loved him for it, but the man could aggravate the shit out of Dr. Phil and probably have the good doctor losing his fucking mind and trying to kill the large bastard in under a minute.

“A Lowe’s store is the ultimate insult to men?” she had to ask, because she was pretty sure that the poor misguided woman really had lost her goddamn mind.

With a big smile, Haley pushed her glasses back up her nose. “It is to men like ours,” she announced proudly as though that was supposed to somehow explain why they were there.

It didn’t, but Haley really didn’t seem to care at the moment that her plan was just…sad.

“Let’s go!” Haley said with a cheerful smile that had Zoe shaking her head in pity at the poor woman, because Zoe really couldn’t see how going to a large chain store specifically created for men was going to possibly save them from having to run these errands in the future.

As Zoe reluctantly followed after the overly cheerful woman, she wondered if she was going to have to Google “Interventions,” when she got home.


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10 Responses to “A Trip to the Hardware Store: Part III”

  1. sarah says:

    hey, thanks for this!! always so much fun to follow Zoe ans Haley i n their crazy adventures.

    just one comment about typo: “One of those stores on hell put here on earth just to torment women and bore them to death.”
    didn’t you mean “one of this store from hell…”?

  2. Nikki y says:

    Love your stuff but this chronicle is lost on me. It’s just hardware store. I’m not seeing the big deal. Just ask questions. It has to be done; who cares if the employees look at you crazy. I just go with it. They help me quicker

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      You’ll see…

      Hey, some of those old men can be intimidating and judgmental when they realize that you have no clue what you’re talking about!

      They’re insensitive bastards that could just point to the part instead of laughing at you!

      I can’t talk about this right now, not without my support circle…..sighs.

      • Angie says:

        I feel your pain. I hate the hardware store. Mostly because I can’t seem to remember the names of the tools I need or the parts. Calling them thingies and gizmos tend to piss the clerks off.

  3. Susanne says:

    I am NOT a Lowes fan (Jimmie Johnson) ? But I like Home Depot!! I’m sorry if you have encountered mean people, they have always been very nice to me!! As always, love the books…keep writing!!!

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