A Trip to the Hardware Store: Part II

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A Trip To The Hardware Store: Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “What exactly are we looking for?” Haley whispered, barely moving her mouth as she threw the cranky store clerk a quick glance to make sure that he was still reminiscing about all the good times he used to have with his sister-in-law when his wife went out of town with some guy that apparently was quite well-acquainted with said sister-in-law.

            “I-I don’t know,” Zoe admitted after a few seconds, keeping her eyes locked on row after row of small little cardboard boxes with shinny, little metal things that neither one of them had any clue what they were.

            “Maybe we should go ask for help again?” Haley asked only to be met with a quick shake of her head in refusal. It seemed as though Haley hadn’t been the only one mentally scared for life from their short encounter with the man behind the counter.

            “I-I don’t think that I could do that,” Zoe admitted, making Haley sigh with relief, because to be honest, she didn’t think that she could survive another minute of surliness from the sexist pig again.

            To be honest, she just wanted to go home to her baking, cleaning and trying to convince Cole that taking over the world with his cousins at such a young age was pointless since they weren’t even old enough to vote yet.

            The frightening part was that they were seriously considering it anyway, which terrified her, because there was a part of her that feared they’d do it one day just for the hell of it.

            “M-maybe we should,” Zoe started to say only to swallow hard and shoot a nervous glance in the direction of the old jerk ignoring them, “maybe we should leave.”

            “Sounds good to me,” Haley said, not really caring where they went after this, just as long as they got the hell out of this store before the cranky old bastard remembered that they were here.

            “What about the switch for the light?” Zoe asked, nearly making Haley groan because this conversation was taking up precious seconds that they could use to escape.

            Haley risked another glance to see the old man glaring in their direction and decided to make a split second decision that would not only take up the rest of their day, but guarantee that neither one of them would be able to walk straight in the morning.

            “The hell with the switch. We’ll let the guys do that,” Haley said, grabbing Zoe’s arm and yanking the stubborn woman towards the door before they were forced to spend another day in this hellhole.

            “But we were supposed to do that,” Zoe mumbled hollowly as she watched the cranky bastard step around the messy counter and head towards them.

            “Do you know how to fix it?” Haley decided to cut to the chase and ask.

            “No. You?” Zoe asked in weak whisper.

            “Hell no,” Haley admitted without any embarrassment.

            “Then what are we going to do?” Zoe asked, trembling as Haley yanked open the door and shoved her out the door.

            “Guarantee that we never have to set foot in this store again.”


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  1. KELLY says:

    Absolutely love ❤ ANYTHING from NFH series!!! There is, not 1 character I don’t love ❤ or at least like alot. Matter of fact…. I WANT A Bradford to marry…..

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