A Trip to the Hardware: Part IV

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A Trip to the Hardware Store: Part IV

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “What are we here to get again?” Haley absently asked as her eyes locked on the cute Disney lawn statues that she’d ever seen.

            “Umm, I think it was bulbs or something,” Zoe said from right beside her as her attention was drawn to Bambi and Thumper, who would most likely be decorating one of their lawns by the end of the day.

            If Haley had her way, it would be hers, but-

            “Damn it!” she grumbled when Zoe moved a hell of a lot faster than her, grabbed the Bambi and Thumper statues and before she could grumble or bitch, she grabbed the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse statues as well, leaving Haley standing there, kicking herself for not grabbing them first.

            With a heavy sigh, and yes, she was well aware that she was pouting, she looked up with a hopeful smile, praying that there were more Disney statues just waiting for her, but alas, the shelf was empty.

            Shooting a glare at one of her very best friends, Haley silently swore there and then that she would make a mad grab for the next cutest thing that they saw before Zoe could get to it first. Narrowing her eyes with determination, Haley grabbed hold of the oversized carriage, acted like she didn’t see the adorable statues that Zoe had picked out and pushed the carriage towards the next aisle where-

            “Oh my God!” Zoe gasped in excitement when she spotted the cutest butterfly wind chimes and before Haley could so much as make a move in that direction, Zoe had them in her arms, officially claiming them for her very own, leaving Hayley standing there, chimless.

            “Trevor is going to love these!” Zoe mumbled absently to herself as she added the wind chimes to her stash, letting Hayley know what the deal was.

            It was every woman for herself.

            Throwing Zoe one last look of warning, which the other woman missed completely, Haley walked down the aisle, pushing the carriage that was starting to become a hindrances in this unspoken game of theirs, turned the corner and-

            “Oh my god, look at that frog!” Zoe said with glee as she rushed past Haley, ran over to the bird baths and proceeded to grab the last frog style bird bath available, letting Hayley know that it was time to up her game if she was going to have any chance at all of bringing something cute home with her today.

            It wasn’t the reason they were here. They were here for umm, umm, something that really didn’t matter at the moment. The point was that she’d be damned if she was leaving this store without something cute to decorate her snow covered yard with and that was all there was to it.

            Thank God she’d married the most devious of the Bradfords and had this one locked. By the end of the day, she’d be the one pushing the carriage out of the store with a big smile on her face while Zoe followed her, huffing out jealous remarks about what a bitch Haley was and she couldn’t wait for it.


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5 Responses to “A Trip to the Hardware: Part IV”

  1. Avatar Robin Baker Proffitt says:

    Have you ever went on yard sale hunt with several friends?? If you are the driver it can really suck, especially if you and one of your friends are on the hunt for the same thing. I had the van so I always drove. I have had a friend jump out while I was still trying to park because she saw what she and I were looking for.

  2. Avatar Kelly says:

    Once again….. NFH is and will always be my favorite series…… every character to me is endearing. Love ❤ these little snippets….. they are my little addictions till your next book comes out. Love ❤ the humor 9n your books….. The sexapades aren’t bad either!

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