A Trip to the Grocery Store Part IV


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A Trip to the Grocery Store Part IV


R.L. Mathewson


“Would you care for a sample?” the magical words were spoken by a woman with a warm smile and an oversized tray filled with what appeared to be mini cupcakes.

“Yes, yes I would,” Jason said with the Bradford grin that usually managed to get him a few extra samples as he reached for a mini cupcake.

He fucking loved grocery stores, always had and always would, he reflected with a satisfied sigh as he popped the cupcake in his mouth. There was just something special about a grocery store that drew him, even as a child a visit to the grocery store had enthralled him. While his cousins used to bitch and whine about being dragged to the grocery store, he’d gone willingly.

More than willingly.

Where else could he simply walk around, enjoying the cool air, the scents of freshly baked goods, the tantalizing sight of freshly cooked rotisserie chicken, and enjoy free samples to his hearts content as he considered all the delicious possibilities that the food spread before him held?


Well, except perhaps a wholesale club like Sams, BJs or Costco, but since he was on the lifetime ban at those places, he liked to pretend that they didn’t exist. Granted, he was also banned from every grocery store within a fifty-mile radius including this one, but that was neither here nor there.

“Would you like another sample, sir?” the woman asked with an encouraging smile.

“Yes, I believe I would,” he said, forcing himself to grab the chocolate mini cupcake closest to him and ignore the rest of the delectable treats calling his name since drawing attention to himself was the last thing that he wanted to do.

“They’re on sale at the bakery department, a dozen for $2.99,” she said with a conspiratorial wink as she gestured for him to take another cupcake.

“Thank you,” he said, returning her wink with one that was guaranteed to get him another free sample.

So, when she gestured for him to take another cupcake he wasn’t surprised, but the man donning a white baker’s apron and carrying a fresh platter of mini cupcakes definitely surprised him.

“Oh, my God……….,” the vaguely familiar man gasped when he spotted Jason as the tray in his hand suddenly dropped, sending mini cupcakes bouncing in every direction. “Th-they told me that you were banned.”

“Charlie?” the woman hawking the mini cupcakes said with a worried frown, pausing mid-gesture for Jason to take another delectable treat. “Is everything okay?”

Shaking his head frantically, Charlie stumbled back, muttering, “Bradford,” over and over again, looking seconds away from passing out. Deciding that it was probably time for him to leave, he returned his attention to the tray and reached for a cupcake only to find the tray gone.

“What…..where’s my tray?” the woman asked, searching frantically around her cart as Jason stepped back and blended into the crowd that was now forming around them.

As soon as he was free of the small crowd, he turned around and headed towards the “Do Not Enter” sign where he knew his cupcakes and the little traitors that had stolen them were hiding.


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16 Responses to “A Trip to the Grocery Store Part IV”

  1. Avatar Lorena Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for this tidbits…can I suggest something? Can you please hurry up and give us a book please, anything just give us something..love your work to no end 🙂

  2. Avatar Tracy M says:

    Love it!!!! Haley & Jason’s boys are worse than the older Bradford’s put together at times!!!!

    Thanks for another great Chronicles instalment R.L.

  3. Avatar Lynisha says:

    When I seen “Would you care for a sample?” I said. “Oh, good lord” lol poor lady didn’t understand what she was getting into

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