A really long freaking day…

So, I’ve had an interesting, somewhat disturbing day, where I’ve made several attempts to write the Chronicle this weekend only to get waylaid by completely random and bizarre things getting in the way. Let’s see, I’ve discovered just how incredibly gross kittens can be, which was immediately followed by discovering how much Lysol it took to clean that disturbing discovery, which was followed by the need to clean the entire downstairs. That was followed by finding out that one of the kids dropped a metal measuring cup in the garbage disposal. Somewhere in there I had to deal with a teenager with a newfound texting obsession. That of course was followed by finding out that one of the kids tried to make the laundry detergent come out faster by loosening the cap and placing it on top of the dryer where I discovered that it takes one and a half rolls of paper towels to clean up approximately three cups of laundry soap. At some point my son spilled lemonade all over the kitchen floor, which he informed us of a few hours later and resulted in a second mopping. Hoping to get it done, I put away the mop, glared at the kittens, and came to bed with my computer hoping to get the Chronicle done. I threw on old episodes of Everwood for noise, which my son, who decided that he was sleeping in my room, decided to watch and wouldn’t you know it? It was the safe sex episode, which led my son to ask some really interesting questions and led me to have the “talk” with him, again. When he asked what a condom was and what it did, the show was very informative, I grabbed a condom from my top drawer and explained it to him. For several minutes he was quiet, sitting there nodding every now and then only to end up narrowing his eyes on me and demanding to know why I had condoms. After that incredibly awkward moment I realized just how late it was and had to accept the fact that this week’s Chronicle was going to be late and that my son is still glaring at me. 

I will have it out this week and add a book giveaway with the hopes to make up for the delay. Until then, I’m still working on The Promise, going to end up being a long book I think, and trying to find a way to get my son to stop glaring at me. 

11 Responses to “A really long freaking day…”

  1. Libby says:

    So RL you’re basically saying you’re a Bradford and the NFH series is your autobiography just with the names changed to protect the innocent?
    When you have a kitchen or laundry spill you need something absorbent first to soak up as much of the spill such as salt or rice or even sand then you leave to soak up then sweep up before mopping – I’ve learnt that life lesson the hard way too!!

    Hang in there – and cleaning up bodily fluids from cute adorable kittens is waaaaaay easier than the birds and bees talk!!

  2. Mei Dent says:

    OMG, I’m sorry but I am literally peeing my pants with laughter. My daughter is doing safe sex at school, she came home and was totally disgusted as she had to look at penises all day… I got the same glare from my daughter when she found my supply of condoms.. I got the don’t you know you and Dad are too old to have sex -_-

  3. Essence Stanley-Savage says:

    Oh my gosh! Lol and as I’m reading this I’m asking myself “is he wondering why she has condoms?” 😂😂

  4. Tina Embriano says:

    I promise I am not laughing at your horrible times. Your son’s question however, has me in hysterics! Can I ask how old he is?

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      He’s 11, Tina. But, he’s also autistic, high functioning, so it takes him a bit to fully grasp things like the concept of sex and the specifics of a condom…which he made me explain in full detail 🙁

  5. Kimberly says:

    You’ve had quite the weekend. My son was in 3rd grade and asked me what a blow job was. I explained it to him and he said ok. Ok. So I asked him what he thought it was… He says my friends said it was 2 guys having sex. We laugh about it now because I was horrified and wasn’t ready to have that talk. FYI I’ve been a single mom since he was 2 1/2. Then when he was 16 he comes home from visiting his dad and tells me about the sex talk he had with his dad. He said his dad told him to save himself for sex and to wait till she was special like he himself had done. This caught me off guard and I said without thinking. What’s your dad talking about… He’s been around the block more times than the ice cream man. Lol. Of course he told his dad what I said. In my defense I’ve NEVER said anything bad, but that, about his dad.

  6. Star says:

    So I finally read double dare, I want to know what actually happened at the end.
    Did Darrin and Marybeth kind of adopted kids that Trevor and Zoe had or something else. Because I am still confused about the three embroys part!?

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      Zoe actually was the surrogate mother for their babies. The birth is in the Chronicles I believe as well as the part where they ask for help. I think it’s in the 2016 collection, but I could be wrong. I will check.

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