A Pyte Halloween Special

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A Pyte Halloween Special…


R.L. Mathewson


            “Get up,” Chris said with an exhausted sigh as he dropped down on the couch next to him, practically falling on his lap and forcing him to shift over a few inches to accommodate his brother and save himself from being crushed by the large jerk.

            “Why?” Mark absently asked with a bored sigh as he beat level ten, again.

            “Because it’s Halloween,” his brother said, reaching over and plucking the controller from his hands and as much as he would love to get it back, which he really didn’t because he was bored out of his mind, his brother was a trained Sentinel and would just kick his butt as he tormented him.

            Chris really seemed to get such joy out of tormenting others…

            It was something that normally amused him, but not when he was the focus of his brother’s attention. Chris could be single-minded and if he’d decided to entertain himself tonight by tormenting him then he was going to have make a run for it and pray that he could reach Izzy before his brother managed to catch him, tie him up and hang him from the ceiling somewhere just for fun.

            “And this means what to me exactly?” Mark asked as he got off the couch and decided to go find Izzy and see what she was doing. Whatever it was, it was probably more exciting than getting tormented by his brother.

            “It means,” Chris said, grabbing Mark by the back of the shirt and with a simple twist of his wrist, had him stumbling back and landing right back on the couch next to him where Chris threw his huge arm around his shoulders, nearly breaking his back and making him wish for the day that he turned sixteen and slipped into a coma so that he could kick his brother’s ass, “something very important.”

            “Which is?” he asked, trying not to groan when his brother gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze.

            Seriously, the first thing that he was going to do after he went through his transformation was going to tie Chris up and hang him upside down on the biggest tree that he could find.

            “Trick or Treating,” Chris said with a huge smile that honestly scared the living heck out of him, because that smile meant that his brother wasn’t just screwing with his head.

            Chris was serious.

            Oh…God…, Mark thought as his stomach twisted with dread and he made a pathetic attempt to escape, but Chris was determined to keep him right where he was.

            “I-I’m too old,” Mark managed to get out, absolutely terrified that his brother was not only going to force him to go through with this, but that he also had a costume picked out for him.

            “Nonsense,” Chris said with that same damn smile that only made Mark more determined to go through his transformation as his big brother stood up, dragging him along with him. “It will be fun!”


            “I’m so sorry,” Izzy mouthed the words, again, but Mark was purposely glaring away from her, understandably pissed.

            Not that she was all that happy about being forced to go Trick or Treating, she told herself as she adjusted the gloved hand of her Freddy Krueger costume that she’d bought in preparation of this day five months ago. She tried sending her little brother-in-law a smile that told him that everything would be okay, but that glare…

            Yup, she was going to have to make this up to him, she decided as he shifted his glare to her even as he carefully shifted Jessica, whom she’d dressed up in a teddy bear costume, in his arms so that he could intensify his glare at her, making damn sure that she knew that he knew who was really behind this fiasco.

            “Are we ready?” Chris asked with a smile as he leaned down and pressed a baby kiss against Jessica’s forehead while Mark continued to stand there, scowling at her and admittedly frightening her just a tad bit.

            It made her wonder if he would remember this incident in four years when he went though his transformation. Judging by the glare he was probably making a mental note and tucking it away for later. She’d worry about that later, she decided, too excited about taking Jessica out on her first Halloween to really care about her impending doom.

            “Don’t. Do. This,” Mark bit out even, his glare never wavering from, which once again she found a bit concerning, but…


            She’d taught him how to beat level eight of the latest Walking Dead video game so he owed her. “It will be fun,” she said with a smile that became forced once she saw the wheelchair that Chris planned on putting her ass in tonight.

            She didn’t want to go in that damn thing. She wanted to walk with the other parents, scaring the hell out of teenagers and getting her fill of free candy, but thanks to her hip, she didn’t have much of a choice. Granted, Chris had already told her that she didn’t have much of a choice when she begged him to take them out tonight so she was just going to have to suck it up and deal with getting pushed around tonight.

            Next year would be better, she lied to herself as she carefully sat down, hiding her cringe when pain shot through her hip and leg, threatening to make her scream in pain and ruin this night before it had a chance to begin. Mark’s glare turned knowing as he once again shifted Jessica in his arms as his glare took on a whole new meaning.

            “You’re in pain,” he said accusingly as he handed Jessica off to Chris, who unfortunately had that very same look on his face as his brother.

            “No,” she said, pausing to wince on a small gasp of pain that she couldn’t quite hold back, “I’m fine.”

            Chris cocked his head thoughtfully as he studied her while Marc, the little traitor, folded his arms over his chest, looking oddly dangerous in that zombie costume that she’d picked out for him, and simply glared at her, daring her to lie to them. Which, she fully planned on doing since the alternative would land her ass in a hot bath for the rest of the night and sitting in the foyer on candy handout duty.

            “She’s lying,” Mark pointed out thoughtfully as Chris slowly nodded in agreement, guaranteeing that she was never going to have sex with him again.

            “Yes, she is,” he said, sounding just as thoughtful as she sat there, trying her best to look innocent, which the Krueger costume probably was ruining for her.

            “Then I guess we should call it a night,” Mark said with a triumphant little smirk that had her eyes narrowing on him, because if he really thought that she was going to stay home on Jessica’s first Halloween then the boy was crazy.

            “We’re going,” she said, directing her glare on Chris, letting him know without words exactly what would happen if he even thought about putting an end to this night.

            He’d never get laid again, and considering how large his sexual appetite was, she knew that he would never do anything to risk his post-patrol blowjob. It just would never happen and they both knew-

            “Sorry, sweetheart,” Chris said, sealing his fate as he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers, “but it looks like you’re on candy detail.”

            She opened her mouth to argue, but unfortunately for her that was the moment that Ephraim came in. When his eyes narrowed on her and shifted red as he scented the air, she knew that it was pointless to try and lie her way out of this. He could smell the pain radiating from her the muscle in her hips swelled and cramped, earning another gasp of pain from her and guaranteeing that she wasn’t leaving the house tonight.

            So, when Ephraim grabbed the large bowl of candy off the table and placed it on her lap, she took it, knowing that her fate had been sealed, but she would get her revenge sooner or later.

            Oh, would she have her revenge…



* On a side note, Honeymoon from Hell 1-6 should be available everywhere now 🙂

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7 Responses to “A Pyte Halloween Special”

  1. Avatar Trin says:

    Thank you so much for a Pyte story!!! I love NFH, but they get more story time than any of your other characters… and I like to read about ALL of them.

  2. Avatar Rocio says:

    I Love all of RL characters but I do lean more towards the paranormal reads than NBH series. Don’t get me wrong Jared, Hailey, Trevor, and Zoe are my favorite couples, but I can’t wait for the next Pyte and Cursed books. I hope they are coming soon I feel like the Pyte fans are seriously being neglected.

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