A Naughty Little Tease from HFH 6 to Hold You Over

This is definitely not meant for children under 18……

“What do you think?” he asked as he brushed his lips against the nape of her neck and pulled her even closer, letting her know just happy he was to be there with her.

            “I think you’ve outdone yourself, Mr. Bradford,” she admitted, licking her lips as she pressed her bottom back against the large erection straining to get to her, unable to help herself.

            “It’s just the beginning,” he promised her on a seductive whisper as he slid one large hand up and covered her large breast, giving it a firm squeeze that had her licking her lips and deciding that it was a damn shame that they were going to have to wait until later to enjoy that stroll around Boston Common.

            “I can’t wait to find out how wet you are for me,” he whispered in her ear as he reached down and flicked open her pants.

            “And what makes you think that I’m wet for you?” she asked with a breathless chuckle         as she shifted her legs apart to give him more room as he snaked his hand beneath the waist of her panties and cupped her with a groan of pleasure.

            “Call it wishful thinking,” he whispered, kissing her earlobe as he slid one long, thick finger inside her, making her rethink her plans to explore Boston until later…

            Much later…

6 Responses to “A Naughty Little Tease from HFH 6 to Hold You Over”

  1. Avatar Jamie says:

    I find this entry hard to follow due to its short length and no defining names or features. I feel it could have been included in any story. What made the first three NFH books so engaging for the reader is that the settings, dialogue and actions felt specific to one individual. The last few stories moments have felt interchangeable and not special. Even though I was originally a huge fan, I think this might be the end of my NFH and HFH journey. Which I am upset about because I LOVED the first three NFH books (I even own them on audiobook).

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      I’m sorry that you feel that way. I try to keep the couples original, but given that they are from the same family with similar upbringings there are going to be some storylines that could easily be interchanged. This sample was just that, just a very basic sample without very much detail just to show the readers that the next HFH is taking a completely different spin than the original HFH novelettes.

      I’d love to keep hearing from you, Jamie, but if the books are just not for you anymore, no worries. I hope you’re able to find something that you can really get into and enjoy 🙂

      Please keep us posted on how you are doing and take care of yourself 🙂


      • Avatar Jamie says:

        I feel the need to further clarify because otherwise I feel like a jerk (actually a different word applies but I would rather not see it in print).
        I’ll still continue to read some of the other works because I feel that those stories have characters with a unique story to tell (cursed heart, pyte, sudden response). That excites me as a reader. I still recommend the first three books (I just did to a coworker this morning).

        When I read, I develop a rich image inside my head. I think it is more when this sample came and that I couldn’t imagine and find a frame of who this belonged to it dulled my enjoyment.

        I still support you as you continue to tell stories and find inspiration. Best wishes

  2. Avatar Gabriella says:

    Pure torture…I’ve been trying to hold out for the box set of the HFH series in December, but it is becoming increasing difficult (next to impossible) to achieve this goal!! I want to binge read these darn it, and this is just such an AH-MAZING tease!! <3
    Love all your stuff RL! Hope you are doing better after your battle with the doorframe, concussions are NO fun!

  3. Avatar Sarah says:

    I got confused thinking this was NFH not HFH. I’ve really enjoyed the series – I have just started the HFH series whilst waiting the next NFH book.

    I actually think my favourite was Truce NFH4 which is historic and not really my thing but I loved it. It would be nice to see a family tree and an idea of which family members you are writing books for but that’s because I like something to look forward to. I love how your books make me laugh.

    Thank you

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