A Lovely Stroll Through the Woods: Part V (Warning: Explicit)

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This Chronicle is based on the Pyte/Sentinel Novel:

Tall, Dark, & Heartless




The content in this Chronicle and on this website is intended for adults, 18 years and older.


A Lovely Stroll Through the Woods

Part V

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

**Warning: Explicit Sexual Content***

“I think we’re getting closer,” she said, giving him a reassuring smile as she continued to scrub his skin raw, wondering when he was going to stop glaring at her through those beautiful red eyes of his.

When he didn’t answer, she decided that perhaps his back could use another scrubbing. Giving his chest one last scrub, she quickly moved around him and began scrubbing the already cleaned skin, hoping to buy herself some time.

“Maybe we should expand our search grid,” she suggested, shifting nervously as she tried to come up with something to get her out of this, but since he was genuinely pissed about being dropped into things that she would rather not think about, she could understand.

She just wished that he would say something even if that something was a detailed description of everything that he was going to do to her to make her wish for death. It would be the gentlemanly thing to do, she thought with a sniff as she continued scrubbing, wondering what he would do when he realized that she’d finished scrubbing the last of the gunk free from his skin ten minutes ago.

Since it probably wasn’t something that she would enjoy, she decided to continue scrubbing and glancing around, looking for something to distract him with the hopes that he would forget that he was mad at her, let her have a quick bite, and perhaps move on to the part where she made it up to him. It would make things a lot easier, she thought, getting a bit distracted as she ran the ruined facecloth down his back, over the tattoos that she loved so much and sighed.

She loved touching him, she thought absently as she allowed the facecloth to fall from her hand so that she was running her hand over him. She paused to pour more body wash in her hand before she continued, hoping the movement would soothe his irritated skin. She took her time, enjoying the feel of his warm skin beneath her hands, watching as angry red skin slowly turned back into the healthy tan skin that loved.

She worked her hands over him, slowly sliding her hands over his shoulders, his back, down his ass and thighs before pouring more body wash into her hands. She loved the way he felt and was glad to have the distraction as she lost herself to it. He had such an amazing body, she thought as she stepped closer until her breasts brushed against his back and she was able to lean in and press a kiss between his shoulders blades.

Deciding that she needed more, she slowly made her way around his body, running her hands over him, tracing his muscles, his tattoos and wondering if it was always going to be this way. She moved in front of him, barely aware that his glare had been replaced by something more intense, hungrier, as she ran her hands over his chest, tracing every outline and curve as she moved her hands slowly down his stomach towards the glimmering metal ring that was now reaching for her.

Without a word, she ran her down his stomach until her hands were wrapped around his erection, loving the way that he felt in her hands. Holding him in her hand, she moved her other hand over him, enjoying the feel of soft, smooth skin over granite until she came to the velvety tip where the metal ring waited for her attention.

Unable to help herself, she ran the tip of her finger around the ring, close enough to tease, but not touch as her other hand began to explore his length. Absently stroking him, she continued to tease him, losing herself as she lazily traced circles around his ring, loving the way that his cock swelled in her hands.

Before Caine she’d never been with a man with a cock ring and honestly hadn’t seen the appeal, but since that first night when he’d taken her, she wouldn’t have it any other way. There was just something about teasing it with her fingertips, her lips, her tongue, and her clit. She could easily spend a lifetime playing with him and never grow bored.

She loved the way it felt sliding against her tongue, against her clit and when he entered her…

She gave a little shiver at the thought.

Licking her lips and unable to help herself, she leaned down and-



To be continued…


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