A Little Halloween Treat…

book 6 hfhEvery year as most of you know, I try to release a Chronicle and a book on Halloween for your reading pleasure. This year will be a little different, but no less enjoyable, hopefully.

The remaining Honeymoon from Hells will be released this Halloween, including the last one, Darrin and Marybeth’s honeymoon from hell. Their story will also include the completely chronicle collection of, “What Really Happened…” which is in ten parts and will continue to be released for free on this website. I decided to do it this way for all the readers who have absolutely no idea what a Chronicle is. 

My next project is….

A secret!

But, I will be getting to the Pyte and Cursed Heart series this next year along with a few other surprises that I hope you enjoy 🙂


6 Responses to “A Little Halloween Treat…”

  1. Avatar Michelle says:

    Thank you! I really appreciate the way you reach out to your readers – I’ve yet to grow tired of The Bradford Boys/Men!?? ? ???

  2. Avatar Susanne says:

    Pyte & finally a cursed heart?! YES!! I have been very patient and the cursed heart series is the only book of yours I haven’t read over and over in anticipation of the next one!! SO EXCITED!!!!

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