A Day in the Life of Part VII

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A Day in the Life of…

Part VII

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“No,” Lucifer said, unable to bite back a groan even as he allowed the incredibly beautiful and beyond fucking stubborn woman that he couldn’t seem to get enough of to pull him closer.

“Yes,” Rebecca said, brushing her lips against his as he found himself moving over her so that he could settle between her legs.

“No,” he said more firmly as he placed his hand between their bodies so that he could place his hand over the soft swell of her belly as he kissed her.

“I’m going,” the devious woman said as she spread her legs wider, causing him to settle more firmly between her legs and making it difficult to remember what they were talking about.

“You’re really not, though,” he said, kissing his way down to her neck only to have a growl ripped from him when his cock slid against her wet slit.

“I really am,” she said, making his lips twitch.

“Aw, baby,” Lucifer said, chuckling as he moved up so that he could kiss her, “no, you’re not.”

“We’ll see,” the woman that he couldn’t imagine living without said with a devious smile as she wrapped her arms around him as she threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him down for a kiss.

“I’m going,” she said against his lips as he rolled his hips, grinding his cock against her.

“Yes, I am,” she said, running her hands down his shoulders and over her chest so that she could give him a little push that had him obediently rolling over onto his back so that she could climb on top of him. “And do you know why?” she asked as she settled back on him, tearing a groan from him when the move put him exactly where he wanted to be.

“Why’s that?” Lucifer asked, placing his hands on her thighs.

“Because,” she said, smiling as she leaned down so that she could brush her lips against his, “you’d miss me.”

“That really went without saying,” he said, cupping the back of her neck to keep her there as he turned his head so that he could kiss the side of her neck.

“And I would be there to stop you from driving your cousin crazy so that he doesn’t try to kill you,” she said, making him chuckle.

“No, you wouldn’t,” he said, because he knew his wife well enough to know that she would do whatever it took to push his cousin over the edge for her own entertainment.

His wife was fucking brutal, Lucifer thought, groaning when she pushed back, slowly taking him inside.

“You’re right,” Rebecca said, rolling her hips as she pushed back, taking every last inch of him inside her, “I wouldn’t.”


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