A Day in the Life of… Part VI

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A Day in the Life Of…

Part VI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Fucking move,” Reed bit out slowly even as he continued to absently caress the barely noticeable swell of Joey’s belly.

“No,” Joey said with a soft sigh as she continued reading the book on her lap, barely aware that her husband was dying to beat shit out of him.

Not that he could blame him, Matt thought as his attention shifted to the pain in the ass that should have told him that she couldn’t swim. Then again, if she’d just agreed to leave him alone, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

“I’d like to lay down now,” Jenn mumbled from where she was currently curled up a in ball on the kitchen floor.

“You should probably do that at home,” Matt suggested, more than willing to drive her there if it meant finally getting rid of her.

There was a pause and then, “I’m good where I am.”


“What the hell were you thinking?” Reed demanded, moving to take Joey off his lap only to rethink that decision when Joey shook her head and-

“Oh, shit!” Reed barely managed to get out when Joey slapped her hand over her mouth, struggled to get off his lap, and rushed out of the room with her husband right behind her, leaving Matt with…

“We’re still running behind,” the little pain in the ass that he couldn’t seem to get rid of said as she moved to stand up only to decide against it and crawled to the nearest chair, leaving a trail of pond water behind.

“There’s no we,” Matt reminded her as he rubbed the back of his neck, trying to figure out how he was going to get rid of her.

He could talk to her mother, but…

Reed told him not to bring her mother up. Maybe he could talk to her father, Matt thought as a chime alerted him that he had a text message. Hoping that his cousin was letting him know that he couldn’t make it, he took his phone out of his back pocket and-

“This can’t be fucking happening,” he said, sighing heavily as he shoved his phone back in his pocked, headed for the back door only to pause so that he could grab the little pain in the ass and throw her over his shoulder before heading for the door, wondering when this day would fucking end.


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