A Bradford Holiday Meeting

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A Bradford Holiday Meeting

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “What’s going on?”

            “How the hell should I know?” Trevor asked, not bothering to look away from the game as Jason sat down on the couch next to him.

            “Because it was your wife who called this meeting,” Jason said, handing him a beer.

            “What meeting?” he absently asked, shaking his head in disgust at the lame plays they got away with in the NFL.

            “Your wife called a family meeting,” Uncle Jared said as he walked past them, stealing his son’s beer as he went to claim the spot on the other side of him.

            “Greedy bastard,” Jason grumbled, getting up to get more beer. Not that Trevor cared as long as everyone left him alone so that he could enjoy his first kid-free game in years.

            “Any idea what this meeting is about?” Uncle Jared asked, grabbing one of the large bowls of chips that Zoe had laid out for the game.

            “No clue,” he muttered, wondering when his uncle had become so damn chatty.

            “I’m more curious about why she asked us not to bring our wives,” Jason said, sitting back down next to him with a fresh beer.

            “Because,” Zoe said as she walked in the room with another bowl of chips, pausing only long enough to place the bowl on the coffee table and shut the television off, “I have a deal to make with you.”

            “What kind of deal?” Trevor asked, sighing heavily as he sat back, knowing his wife well enough by now to know that things would go a lot quicker if he didn’t bitch about his game and just let her get to the point.

            “Well,” Zoe said, smiling hugely, “as you know I’ve been taking this cooking class and-”

            A collective groan cut her off as all three men absently placed their hands over their stomachs, each reliving the horrors of the last time she’d taken a cooking class.

            With a glare, she, unfortunately, continued, “we’ve been learning how to make our favorite holiday side dishes. So, I thought it would be fun if we held Thanksgiving and Christmas here this year.”

            “My wife always handles the holiday cooking,” Jared pointed out with a touch of panic as Trevor sat there, wracking his brain trying to figure a way out of this mess without his wife taking her disappointment out on him and his poor defenseless cock.

            Zoe smiled hugely. “That’s another reason why I’m suggesting this. I thought that it would be nice if Aunt Megan got a chance to relax for once and enjoy herself for once.”

            “Ummm,” Jason said, clearing his throat, obviously searching for the words to save them all, “it’s umm, a lot of work. It usually takes all of us to get the meal ready.”

            Zoe waved that away, “I have a plan to get everything ready on my own.”

            “I see,” Uncle Jared mumbled, shifting nervously on the couch next to him.

            “It’s also a lot of food to make, sweetheart. I’m not sure that-”

            “I can handle it,” Zoe said with a sweet smile that had him squirming, because now he had no other choice.

            He had to point out that they’d rather ingest battery acid than to eat her cooking. He opened his mouth to do just that when she said the one thing that would guarantee their cooperation.

            “In exchange, I will disclose the name and address of the buffet restaurant that I discovered last week,” she announced with a triumphant smile.


            Stunned, he sat back and stared at his wife. She couldn’t be serious. She really expected them to agree to eat whatever biohazard concoction she came up with in exchange for a chance to eat at a buffet?

            “What kind of buffet?” he asked, knowing that a new buffet suddenly popping up without one of them finding out was damn near impossible, not with today’s technology.

            “It’s probably a buffet that we’ve already been banned from,” Jason pointed out, sighing miserably next to him.

            “It’s brand new,” she said, smiling. “It’s also open until midnight tonight. It serves American cuisine, high quality food and has an amazing dessert selections,” she finished with a satisfied sigh that had him slowly standing up.

            “You went to a buffet without me?” he demanded in outrage. “That’s grounds for divorce!”

            “Probably,” she agreed with a careless shrug as his uncle and cousin came to their feet to glare down at the small woman that dared to play with them.

            “We took you into this family and this is how you repay us?” Jason spat in disgust.

            “Calm down, boys,” Uncle Jared said, keeping his attention on Zoe. “She’s gonna tell us the name of the restaurant and where to find it, because she’s a good girl.”

            “I will,” Zoe said, nodding in agreement, “for your promise that I’m in charge of all the holiday cooking this year.”

            “We can’t do that, Zoe,” Uncle Jared said softly with his most charming smile while they stood there glaring furiously at the little traitor.

            “Oh, but I think you can,” she said, still smiling that damn smile that made his cock happy and his stomach twist in fear, “because if you don’t, I’m going to call Uncle Ethan and tell him instead.”

            “You wouldn’t!”

            “Oh, but I would.”

            “We can just Google it,” Jason snarled.

            “Not if it hasn’t made the Google searches yet,” Zoe pointed out smugly.

            “Why don’t we take a few minutes to calm down and let these two discuss this,” Uncle Jared suddenly said, throwing him a meaningful look as he nodded towards the kitchen.

            Jason, jaw tightly clenched, nodded once in understanding.

            “That sounds like a good idea,” Jason said smoothly as he headed for the door with his father following after him, leaving Trevor standing there with his smug little wife and the knowledge that it was now up to him to do whatever it took to get the name and address of that buffet restaurant.


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34 Responses to “A Bradford Holiday Meeting”

  1. Avatar helen says:

    Love the BRADFORDS! Thank you so much for these treats you give us every week
    P’s let Zoe make the best meal they’ve ever had please x

  2. Avatar Lisa Cacciola says:

    Hilarity at it’s finest! Can’t wait to read how Zoe brings Trevor to his knees & he has to explain himself to the other two. I’m chuckling to myself just thinking about it!

  3. Avatar mary says:

    Poor Zoe just doesn’t get it. How do you think up all this good stuff that makes me want more now!!! You love to tease but you do a great job of it.

  4. Avatar Sharon says:

    Lol love it. I hope Zoe cooks a meal that shocks them all ha ha but I am sure we will find out she had soneone else cook it for her 🙂

  5. Avatar Debbie Evans says:

    I think you are so brilliant to come up with a series like this. I haven’t read a book in months & this is just what I need to restart my engine…. #Bradfordsrule

  6. Avatar Rebecca says:

    I want more… Pretty please!!! I love the Bradfords, and would love to be a part of that family!! I know where a ton of fresh new buffets are!! Ha ha ha

  7. Avatar Amber says:

    Lol Zoe up to it again…. Love to see if she gives in and tells them the location. I give it all of 15 mins and they will be banded from that restaurant lol

  8. Avatar Daisy says:

    You are one of favorite authors. NFH is the best series. That family makes me laugh and today laughter in needed. Thank you. Have a nice hoiliday

  9. Avatar Lynn Latimer says:

    Haha!! They keep getting better and better. I love these little teasers wish they were a full book. Can’t wait for the next book need my Bradford fix.

  10. Avatar Stephanie says:

    LOL! PLEASE, PLEASE let Zoe blow everyone away with a fabulous holiday meal that she prepared. Absolutely love these NFH series and these chronicles have been hilarious. Thanks!

  11. Avatar Monica says:

    Omg. These posts are always so funny. Their fascination with food kills me!!! I get so happy when I see a new post, but I don’t know about Zoe cooking dinner.. how many Bradfords can an emergy room take at once? Lol.

  12. Avatar Lorie Mott says:

    That is fricken hilarious 😉 I love the Bradford’s…But most of all I love your writing, you are amazing, and I love the fact you embarrassed my daughter in L.Beach Ca. ! Bring on The Game Plan !

  13. Avatar Rebecca says:

    OH MYYY…..Zoe cooking??? I have a feeling this is going to end up with both giving in at some point but who gives in first and the reaction of Jason ans Uncle Jared is what I can’t wait for. Love these Bradford men.

  14. Avatar Janice says:

    I love your stories
    You are a brilloant writer. I want to be like you when I grow up. Can’t wait for new book and or series.

  15. Avatar steph says:

    I love that we can still get a peek into the absolutely funny goings on with the Bradford family.
    Thank you so much for continuing their stories.

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