Mother’s Day Done Right

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Mother’s Day Done Right

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Daddy, there’s something wrong with Happy,” Mikey whispered urgently as she pulled on his arm.

“What’s going on?” Reese asked, allowing himself to be pulled out of bed as he struggled to wake up and make sense out of what was going on even as he remembered to grab the small white box with a tiny green ribbon tied around it out of his nightstand and left it on his pillow in case his wife woke up while he was gone.

“Please!” Mikey whispered, her voice breaking at the end as she pulled him towards his bedroom door.

“What’s wrong with Happy?” he asked as he sent his wife one last glance to make sure that she was still asleep before allowing Mikey to drag him out of the room.

“He’s down here,” Mikey said with a sniffle as she lead him downstairs and headed for the kitchen while Reese prayed the small puppy hadn’t fallen down the stairs, something that he’d been worried about since Mikey came home with the three-legged dog that didn’t let anything stop him.

“What happened, sweetheart?” he asked as Mikey shoved the kitchen door open and-

“Did you stop him?” Sebastian asked, not bothering to look up from the book that he was reading as he absently petted the small three-legged puppy fast asleep in his lap.

“Of course,” Mikey said with a snort as she plucked a baseball off the counter and began rolling it between her hands as she sat down on the floor next to her best friend as Reese shifted his attention to the stacks of white bakery bags with Dixen’s Bakery printed across them, the piles of junk food, as the large man who’d taken over his kitchen, sighed, “I love this kitchen,” as he continued doing whatever the hell it was that he was doing.

“What’s going on?” Reese asked, shifting his attention from Lucifer to his kitchen table where Rebecca, Trevor, Eric, and Sarah were watching him with his babies fast asleep in their carseats.

“It’s Mother’s Day,” Trevor said, leaning back in his chair.

“Which is why I’m wondering what you’re doing here,” Reese said, glancing at the clock to see how much time he had before he needed to wake up his wife so that they could make their breakfast reservations on time.

“We’re here to stop you from screwing this up again,” Eric said with a glare.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Reese asked, wondering what the hell he was talking about, because he wasn’t ruining any-

“Look, you’re new,” Sarah said, cutting him off, “which is why we didn’t say anything last year when you messed everything up.”

“I didn’t mess anything up,” Reese said, frowning because if anything, he’d made sure that last Mother’s Day had been perfect, absolutely fucking perfect.

He’d spoiled Kasey with flowers, bought her a new pan set, took her out for brunch and had a barbeque at the house for her so that she could relax out back with her friends. It had been the perfect Mother’s Day, which was why he’d planned on doing it again this year.

“Really? Then what would you call making your wife get up early on Mother’s Day, forcing her to get dressed and go wait an hour to get in to a packed restaurant before coming back here where she was forced to clean and cook all day for the barbecue you planned?” Sarah asked, blinking innocently while Trevor sat there, shaking his head in disgust and muttering, “Amateur.”

“She loved it,” Reese bit out, because she-

“She faked it,” Rebecca said with a shrug.

“She really did,” Eric seconded and before he had a chance to defend himself, Lucifer added, “You always sucked at Mother’s Day,” making him frown.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he demanded, because that was bullshit.

“You really do,” Trevor agreed.

“What did you get mom this year?” Lucifer asked while Reese stood there, glaring.

“An Instant Pot,” he said, barely getting the words out before everyone in the room shot him a sympathetic cringe.

“What? She wanted one!” he said defensively even as he couldn’t help but wonder why he was bothering to defend himself.

“Already took care of it,” Mikey, the traitor, said with a shrug before adding, “Made her a picture collage of Dad and the babies to go along with the basket of goodies that mom made her.”

“What’s wrong with an Instant Pot?” he demanded only to have Eric ask, “What did you get Kasey?”

“A necklace,” he said only to end up glaring at the sympathetic looks aimed his way.

“Took care of that, too,” Mikey said, holding up the small box.

“They’re mom gifts,” Sebastian pointed out.

“Which is exactly why I bought them.”

“He really doesn’t get this,” Rebecca said, shaking her head with a sigh.

“Mom doesn’t want to cook. She wants to curl up on the couch reading all day, eating chocolate, spoiled, and relaxing in peace, which is why we got her a new kindle and plan on stopping by there later with your kids and he favorite ice cream,” Lucifer explained.

“She doesn’t want to get up early,” Eric said, pushing his chair back as he stood up and carefully picked up one of the car seats and headed for the door.

“She also doesn’t want to have to cook, clean, or be forced to get dressed. In fact,” Sarah said, pausing as she got to her feet and joined him with his other son, “she probably doesn’t want to get out of bed.”

“Which means,” Trevor said, taking over as he got up, “it’s your job to make sure that she doesn’t have to.”

“Exactly,” Mikey said, getting to her feet as Sebastian gently set the dog aside.

“We got all her favorites,” Lucifer said, gesturing to all the food around him. “You might have to run out if she needs anything else.”

“But we have reservations,” he started to say only to have Mikey cut him off with a, “Already taken care of.”

“Then what am I supposed to-”

“Clean, cook, and see to her every need,” Rebecca said with a wink as she wrapped her arm around Mikey as they headed out the door.

“I’d start with the dishes,” Lucifer said, tossing a dirty apron at him before he headed out the door and-

“And you might want to take a look at the nursery,” Sebastian said, heading out the door before adding, “Nathanial managed to pull his diaper off last night and decided to redecorate.”

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