School Shopping: Part II

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School Shopping

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Maybe we should call mom?” Sebastian suggested as he stood there, shooting a helpless glance towards his father and uncle who were still off to the side arguing before glancing back at the van to find Mikey still hiding in the back seat.

“We really should,” Mikey seconded from the safety of the van.

“We’ve got this,” his father said firmly, which was seconded by a firm nod by Uncle Reese and a shared fist bump that had Sebastian standing there, licking his lips nervously as he watched his uncle pluck Mikey out of the van, throw her over his shoulder and head towards the mall.

“Let’s go,” his father said, gesturing for him to follow, but he didn’t want to follow.

He didn’t want to go in there for this, because he knew that if he did that he would never be able to look his best friend in the eye again. So, it was for her and her alone that he turned around and-

“You’re getting slow,” his father said as he found himself promptly yanked off his feet and carried towards the mall.

“We should get mom,” he said, trying to reason with his father.

“Your mom’s taking your brother to get his uniforms,” his father said, dropping him on his feet once they reached the mall.

“Aunt Haley?”

“Doctor’s appointment.”

“Aunt Megan?”

“Watching the twins.”

“Necie? Sarah? Mac?” he suggested, desperate for someone to step in before it was too late.

“Busy, busy, and are you kidding me? Mac would screw this up,” his father said as he stepped inside.

“Look,” Mikey said as he was dropped on his feet, “why don’t we sit down and discuss this?”

“There’s nothing to discuss,” Uncle Reese said as he took her hand and started walking towards the large clothing store in front of them.

“There really is,” she said, licking her lips nervously as she shot him a hopeful look only to groan when he gave her a helpless shrug, because he was out of his element on this one.

“I don’t know what size I am,” she whispered, which was met with identical shrugs.

“They can figure that out.”


“You’ll be fine,” his father said as they walked into the large clothing store and headed towards the section of the store that not even his mother would have made him go near.

“Dad,” Sebastian said, swallowing hard as the clothing on the mannequins became more disturbing as they drew closer and closer until the only thing the mannequins wore were frowns and oversized plain white bras and what he’d heard his mom refer to as granny panties.

“No worries. This will be quick,” his father said as they walked through the displays of bras, panties and things that he’d rather not know anything about.

“Please don’t do this,” Mikey whispered urgently as Uncle Reese headed towards a saleswoman and…and…and…

He really didn’t want to be here.

And apparently, neither did Mikey, because that was right around the time that she mumbled, “I’m sorry,” pulled back her foot and-

He didn’t wait around to see what happened.

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